Guide to Electric Gates for Access Control

An electric Chain Link Fence from TYMETAL Corp


Electric gates have been a cornerstone of TYMETAL’s business since 1985. We have a long history of providing access control solutions for industrial clients from all industries. From meeting demanding requirements to getting you the best value possible for your purchasing dollar, we are committed to your success in everything we do.

If you’re in the market for a new electronic gate, driveway security gate, gate opener, or other automatic access control system, we can help. Browse our website to learn more about our product offerings, or contact our office directly for assistance from one of our expert sales representatives.

How Does an Electric Gate Work?

The main role of an electric gate is to prevent unauthorized access to your facility. An automated access control system will make this process faster and simpler, saving your organization time and reducing the amount of effort required of your staff.

Typically, electric gates will consist of the gate itself and an automatic gate operator. The gate is the physical barrier (sometimes called an “electric barrier gate”), which must be strong and durable enough to meet your requirements, while the gate operator is the electronic mechanism that triggers it.

Together, these components work to ensure only authorized personnel can enter your property for optimal driveway security.

Types of Electric Gates

Different organizations have different security needs and, to support this, TYMETAL offers one of the most extensive selections of electric gate types. Our products include:

Cantilever Gates

Cantilevered gates that slide out to allow easy access to the interior of your facility. Automatic cantilevered gates are counterbalanced to allow smooth operation and can cover openings up to 120 feet wide in a double configuration.  When choosing an electric driveway gate for a business, cantilever gates are one of the most popular options.

Image of a cantilever gate at an airport. The gate uses an automatic electric opener.

Swing Gates

Swing gates permit access by swinging inwards or out. They can be used on openings up to 48 feet wide and are generally the best choice when space prohibits the use of a cantilevered gate. Swing gates can be manufactured with either single swing or double swing openers. 

an electric swing gate

Vertical Lift Gates

Vertical lift gates that rise upwards when access is granted. Though highly space-efficient, these types of systems are higher stress and may cause components to wear out faster, especially in high-traffic areas.

an electric vertical lift gate


How to Choose The Best Electric Gate

Choosing the right heavy-duty electric gate requires careful consideration of a number of factors:

  • Your access requirements. This includes the types of vehicles that will be coming and going through your facility, and the amount of space available for your installation.
  • The amount of traffic passing through your operation. High-volume facilities will require faster commercial automatic gate systems to maintain productivity without compromising security.
  • Specific regulatory considerations. Military and correctional facilities, as well as data centers, government buildings and more, all may have specific ASTM, ISO or related requirements for access control that must be met.
  • Maintenance requirements. Complex automatic gates have increased maintenance requirements, while exposed rollers and other components can wear out faster.
  • Your budget. TYMETAL strives to have solutions at a wide range of price points, and we are happy to work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Choosing An Access Control System

Access control systems are another important component of an electronic gate system. A number pad, remote, keycard, and sensor systems are both available, as are a range of other technologically advanced alternatives when you work with TYMETAL to create your electronic barrier gate.

Consider what will be best for your staff while meeting your overall security and volume requirements. TYMETAL can provide matched systems that streamline access while giving you the peace of mind of knowing your facilities are properly secured.

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Electric Gate FAQs

Here are answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about electric gates:

Can Electric Gates Be Opened Manually?

You can usually open an electric gate manually in the event of a power outage. There are different types of electronic gate systems and automatic gate openers, so the process of manually opening an electric gate will vary. However, most electric gates will have a manual release gate key. This key will allow you to use a handle or lever to unlock the gate’s automatic function and allow you to open it manually without damaging it.

The TIGER Gate System, for example, is an electric gate that can be opened manually via a hand crank. This hand crank is kept in a secure motor box to prevent anyone other than a trained operator from accessing it. With the hand crank, the operator can open the electric gate during power outages.

How Reliable Are Electronic Gates?

Electronic gates are very reliable, with many people depending on them for their facility’s security. The best electric gates on the market will feature designs that protect them against harsh weather conditions and tampering from bad actors. A good electric gate manufacturer will ensure you’re outfitted with a gate suitable for your space.

Collaborating with a company that offers comprehensive support during and after gate installation is important. A support team who works closely with you will help you choose the right gate for your needs and assist you with troubleshooting if you require help after installation.

A company that offers in-house manufacturing can also increase the reliability of your electronic gates. With in-house manufacturing, the gate supplier can closely monitor the gate’s construction and make sure you receive the highest-quality residential or commercial driveway gate.

Commercial Electric Gate Applications

There are many applications for electric gates across various industries. Some common industries that utilize electric gates are:

  • Government facilities: Various government facilities rely on electric gates, such as government offices, border checkpoints, police headquarters and fire stations. These gates protect facilities from harm and control who can enter. The gates can also be custom-designed to fit the specific needs of the government facility.
  • Airports: Airports have to be secure against threats. As such, commercial electric gates are commonly used in key locations around an airport to control the flow of traffic and lock down an area at a moment’s notice when security threats arise.
  • Utility and energy facilities: Federal and local municipalities and private companies need to keep their public utility facilities safe. Industrial security gates protect a facility from bad actors and can be constructed to allow large vehicles to pass through them easily.
  • Correctional facilities: As you might expect, correctional facilities need reliable and secure electric gates to ensure the facility can control traffic flow. Automated security gates also have protection from extreme weather conditions and tampering. These gates can help you control who comes in and out of the facility.
  • Military facilities: Military facilities need to be secure, and electric gate systems are some of the most important parts of high-quality security. Electric gates can handle the high traffic of these facilities and provide extra security, such as anti-ram stanchions and crash-tested beams, to prevent vehicles from driving through the gates.

How Much Does an Electric Gate Cost?

Electric gate pricing varies according to the type of barrier being installed, the type of operator and access control system, and the size of the installation, among other factors such as gate hardware or fence types. As with any important part of your facility, paying for quality today will help you manage risk while keeping your ownership costs lower over the lifespan of your purchase.

Working with a qualified supplier is the best way to ensure you get the right electronic gate for your needs and your budget. TYMETAL specializes in complete turnkey systems for any facility in need of a commercial automatic gate or other access control solution. Contact our office directly to request a consultation from one of our team members.

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