Cantilever Gates Vs Roller Gates

a graphic explaining the difference between roller gates and cantilever gates


What’s the Difference Between a Cantilever Gate and a Roller Gate?

The main difference between a cantilever gate and a roller gate is that cantilever gates feature a built-in counterbalance that allows them to extend further, making them more suitable for larger openings. Cantilever gates also have an interlocked one-piece structure that has fewer maintenance requirements than conventional roller-sliding chain link gates.

While commercial cantilever gates require more room than swing gates or vertical lift gates, they are often a unit that’s safer, more secure, more reliable and easier to use.

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Can Cantilever Gates Be Motorized?

All TYMETAL chain-link driveway gates can be motorized for your convenience. We can match any gate system with an automatic operator that will deliver reliable performance with low maintenance requirements. We also offer a number of access control systems that simplify entry and exit, saving your security team time and effort.

What Types of Cantilever Gate Exist?

TYMETAL offers several types of cantilever chain-link sliding gates in the Fortress family of products:

  • Box frame cantilevered slide gates: Fortress box-frame cantilevered slide gates are our largest type of sliding chain-link gate, capable of clearing openings up to 120 feet wide. Made from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions, they are durable and lightweight for smooth, seamless operation, even in heavy-duty applications. A series of diagonal cross members reduce sway for improved structural integrity.
  • Heavy-duty cantilevered slide gates: Our strongest and toughest sliding driveway gate, Fortress heavy-duty systems are built for the most demanding applications. Like our standard gates, they are made from rugged aluminum alloy extrusions, but bolstered by a set of cross and top members for additional rigidity and stability. They are suitable for use in openings up to 60 feet wide.
  • Structural cantilevered slide gates: Fortress structural cantilevered slide gates offer a compromise between heavy-duty and standard products. Thanks to a double-track design, they can be used in larger openings – up to 80 feet wide – without compromising security or stability.
  • Ornamental cantilevered slide gates: A chain-link rolling gate should be more than just functional. For corporate and commercial applications, we offer a number of ornamental cantilever options that give you the security you need along with an appealing aesthetic. Choose from a range of color and design configurations – contact a representative directly for details.

TYMETAL is a leading provider of cantilever sliding driveway gates for industrial and commercial use. We specialize in meeting the unique requirements of a wide range of customers and offer one of the most extensive lineups of cantilevered gates in the industry today. Let us put together a complete turnkey solution for your facility – read on to learn more.

All sliding driveway gates are built to order and can be customized to meet your needs. With more than 30 years of experience, there is no better partner for perimeter safety than TYMETAL Contact our office to get started today.