PLUSS Sliding Gate Systems


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PLUSS sallyport locking systems feature a keyless three-point positive locking capability making it impossible to open the gate except by electrical operation or emergency hand-cranking. The hand crank is contained within the secure motor box. A state of the art locking device enables the system to positively lock either a chain link fence panel or a steel door in three secure locations along the leading edge of the gate or steel door.

PLUSS vehicle sallyport locking systems are installed throughout the correctional market. These innovative locking devices have earned the reputation of being the most cost advantageous systems in today’s correctional market. Our products perform! Tymetal’s commitment to service, timely delivery, producing products with low maintenance requirements, and providing outstanding training/technical support services make Tymetal the leader in the industry.

PLUSS is available with the following system options:

  • Standard PLUSS Openings up to 30’
  • Bi-Parting PLUSS Openings up to 24’
  • PLUSS-10 Openings up to 30’
  • Manual Crank PLUSS Openings up to 30’
  • Stacking PLUSS Openings up to 50’

In this day and age, it’s impossible to be too secure – because of this, Tymetal has designed PLUSS sliding gate systems. PLUSS stands for Positive Locking Ultimate Sallyport System. Our PLUSS is designed specifically for correctional facilities. Contact Tymetal to learn more about the cutting-edge technology that you will receive with a PLUSS sliding gate from Tymetal. Page last updated on 8/12/2014