Correctional Gate Designs

Tymetal Corp. Gate Designs Outperform and Outlast

When it comes to securing perimeters or closing openings, Tymetal Corp. has the security gate design you need. Our large selection of gate designs ranges from driveway gates to industrial cantilever gates to vertical lift or vertical pivot gates to overhead gates to telescoping gates to roller gates. Whatever security gate you need, Tymetal has the answer.

Correctional institutions across the country rely on the hardworking, robust gates only Tymetal Corp. can provide. All our gates have been designed with the highest quality materials, quality tested beyond industry standards and backed by an exceptional team of designers and fabricators with thousands of installations to our name.

Our gates for security are installed at thousands of sites across the U.S. Tymetal Corp. is the leading manufacturer and your best choice for reliable, robust gate designs.

Single-Matched Systems for Reliability

Tymetal Corp. is the single source that designs and manufacturers a complete automatic gate system. When you choose Tymetal Corp., you’re getting a single matched system.

Unlike other manufacturers who use a gate from one source and a gate operator from another, our system comes from a single source … both the operators and the gates. System-matched means easier installation and minimized maintenance. When you choose our gates, system-matched prevents finger pointing at job sites and headaches when troubleshooting, which is what you’ll get when you have to deal with mismatched hardware.

Large Selection of Gates for Security

No matter your site’s requirements, we have the gate you can rely on. As one of the first companies to manufacturer engineered aluminum cantilever gates, Tymetal Corp. has been leading the industry for over 25 years.

If your site doesn’t allow for full movement of a cantilever gate, we offer overhead slide or vertical lift automatic gates. If you need to secure an area between two buildings or are challenged by ground that sharply rises and falls away from the outer side of your gate post, we have vertical lifts, vertical pivots and swings.

Cantilever Gates … System Package, the First of Its Kind

TIGER cantilever system is our revolutionary, one-of-a-kind gate and operator package. Offered as a complete system, it is fully tested, each unit having undergone over 200,000 cycles as a system. The testing is continuous duty and under extreme weather conditions so there’s no doubt your gate will slide effortlessly. Since it’s offered as a complete system package, installation is simplified and maintenance requirements minimized.

Gate designs famous for their robust, reliability … it’s Tymetal Corp.