Leif O. Glesne, Midwest Fence & Gate Company
I have used Tymetal’s products for the past 20 years and have been happy with the quality and service that they have offered my company. I can always count on them to help my company with detail drawing and technical help on the gate systems. We have also asked them at times to help us design gates for projects that may require a special type of gate to work in an opening. Tymetal is instrumental to my company’s success in the markets that we work in. Our customers are very satisfied with the quality of the gates that we have installed and most will now specify only Tymetal gates to be installed on their sites.
5 / 5 stars
Jeff Zwergel, Metro Fence Co. Inc.
I have specified and used Tymetal Gates and products for over 20 years. Tymetal's attention to detail and quality with products, literature, & shop drawings has always had a positive impact to our bottom line year after year. When our clients want and need a product that is reliable, strong, low maintenance and has good value, Metro Fence specifies a Tymetal Gate. Keep up the good work...”
5 / 5 stars